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SWM more: Innovative SWM products in one place

Your digital access to M-Ladelösung, M-Partnerkraft and M-Solar Sonnenbausteine
Your customer portal for public, private and commercial charging with SWM's M-Ladelösung.
Screenshot, der zeigt, wie Sie innerhalb der SWM more Informationen zu Ihrer Ladestation und Ihren Ladevorgängen erhalten.
As a customer of SWM's virtual power plant, M-Partnerkraft, you can view data from your generation plant in SWM more, report plant availability and download the bills.
Screenshot, der zeigt wie Sie in der SWM more alle Informationen zu Ihrer Erzeugungsanlage der M-Partnerkraft erhalten
As a customer of M-Solar Sonnenbausteine, you will find real-time information on the current status and solar power production of your sun building blocks in the SWM more app.
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One app – three products

M-Ladelösung: Keep track of charging processes & energy consumption

For public, private and commercial charging with the M-Ladelösung, you will find live information on charging stations in SWM more. In addition, you can find public charging stations near you, view your charging processes, order new charging cards and much more.

M-Partnerkraft: Your interface to the virtual power plant of SWM

You can see the status of your generation plant(s) in real time. Here you can check whether faults have occurred and whether there is an active data connection. You can report planned unavailabilities of the system via the report submission. Your monthly credit invoice will be made available for download in the invoice portal.

M-Solar Sonnenbausteine: Experience the regional energy revolution together with others

You can see the current solar power production of your solar modules and the solar power forecast for the current day in real time. You can use the history to view the solar power production over the past few weeks and months. This information is also made available for the entire solar brick system in which you are involved.

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