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Put an end to 4912 copy-paste applications. With heyroom, you can capture the vibe of your shared apartment and create your WG in just 3 simple steps. Afterward, you'll see which applicant best suits your group – easy and straightforward.
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heyroom is the first and best alternative to wg-gesucht, immoscout, and other platforms. It focuses exclusively on the people in the shared apartments rather than putting the apartment in the foreground. We say: No more Zweck WGs.
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Whether you're a student, single parent, going through a midlife crisis, or a retiree, at heyroom, you'll find the perfect shared apartment and roommates that truly match your preferences. Advertise your available WG room now!
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With heyroom, you will undoubtedly find the perfect shared apartment rooms and roommates - easier and than ever before!

Easily advertise shared apartment rooms and add the vibe.

Simply post shared apartment rooms online in a few steps, share interests and values like "Running, Student, vegan, LGBTQ+ friendly," and with heyroom, find roommates who truly have the same vibe as you! heyroom - Find shared apartments, WG's and new, like-minded roommates easier than u think.

Find roommates and shared apartment rooms without stress.

Whether your shared apartment room becomes available in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Cologne, Stuttgart, Mainz, etc. - Simply advertise your shared apartment room and find roommates who fit into your WG

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