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HandyParken München: It's that easy to park in Munich now.

Simply use the app to buy digital parking tickets for parking spaces in Munich.

How it works:

The HandyParken München app saves you the hassle of looking for small change for the parking ticket. With the help of your smartphone, you only pay for the exact parking time – and not a second longer.
Screenshot, der zeigt, wie man in der App HandyParken München die Parkdauer minutengenau festlegen kann.
Confirm your location and choose the flexible "FlexParken" with the minute-by-minute start and stop function or set your parking duration in advance with "FixParken".
Screenshot, der zeigt, wie man in der App HandyParken München auf einer Karte seinen Standort bestätigen kann, um für diesen Standort ein Parkticket zu erwerben.
Once you have bought your parking ticket, you don't have to do anything else. The control is carried out via your license plate number. With the integrated city map, you can always find your way back to your car.
Screenshot, der zeigt, wie es aussieht, wenn ein Parkschein in der App HandyParken München erfolgreich gelöst wurde.
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Say goodbye to parking meters and looking for small change: your smartphone will do it for you.

Cashless and flexible

With HandyParken München you no longer have to search for the nearest parking meter and the right change. Simply pay for the parking space via the app.

PS: This service does not cost you a cent extra.

Never pay too much again

With the app, you always have an overview of your parking fees, down to the minute and cent. You can extend the parking ticket via app just as easily as you shorten the parking time and save fees. You don't even have to be on site to do so.

Always know where the car is

The parking location of your vehicle is automatically saved in the app. You can have your smartphone guide you to your parking space at any time and from any location.

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