MVG ParkstadtTiger
Das App-Icon des Onlineservices MVG ParkstadtTiger st blau-grau und zeigt im Hintergrund die Frauenkirche und im Vordergrund einen orangenen Kreis mit einem weißen Auto darin

MVG ParkstadtTiger: The ride pooling offer for the Parkstadt Schwabing in Munich

Unfortunately, due to the current situation, the service cannot be offered.

How it works:

With the MVG ParkstadtTiger, you can flexibly use a ridepooling offer on site in the Parkstadt Schwabing. The trip is ordered via app and carried out on an individual route with a multi-seater.
Screenshot, der eine Karte innerhalb der App MVG ParkstadtTiger zeigt, in der man seinen Standort eingeben kann

Your mobility offer for Schwabing


You can use the service independently of a fixed timetable – precisely when you need it.


The vehicles are powered by electricity or natural gas. Sharing a journey with others reduces emissions and protects the environment.


The service is tailored precisely to your needs. The MVG ParkstadtTiger will pick you up and drive you to your destination right next to your door.

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