Public participation in the city of munich
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Participate and help shape Munich Online platform for public participation by all departments of the City of Munich

How it works:

On you can take part in the planning and projects of the city of Munich. You can also exchange ideas with other interested parties on current topics in the city.
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Help shape your city

What is is a platform for the digital participation of citizens in shaping the city of Munich. It is based on an open source software used worldwide and is currently in the testing phase.

What can I do here?

You can use the online platform to create suggestions, discuss them with other interested parties and take part in surveys on current topics in the city.

Why participate?

Would you like to be heard? Then you're in the right place! The city cannot always guarantee that your wishes will be implemented, but it can certainly ensure that your ideas and suggestions are considered by administration and politics. Join us!

Customer support for public participation in the city of munich

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