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Easily order and manage tickets and subscriptions for the MVV.

The portal for your tickets and subscriptions

How it works:

In the MVG Kundenportal, you can conveniently order an IsarCard subscription, buy PrintTickets and print them out yourself, or apply for a customer card at the training tariff.
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Always up to date: In addition to your tickets, subscriptions and personal data, you always have an overview of all connections and any upcoming operational changes.
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The comprehensive range of services for tickets and subscriptions in the MVV

Order all IsarCards directly as a subscription

Those who travel a lot want flexibility instead of ticket stress. In the MVG Kundenportal you can order and manage the inexpensive IsarCards directly online as a subscription.

Free travel in the training tariff

To use the training tariff, a customer card with a photo is required up to the age of 16. The customer card can be easily ordered online in the MVG Kundenportal and then printed out as a PDF. Stick the photo and you're ready to go.

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