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My login for many digital services in Munich

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Bye password chaos

Separate login data for each digital offer? M-Login puts an end to that: With an e-mail address and a password, you can log in to the various services offered by our partners.

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One account for all services

Maintaining the data in your M-Login account prevents you from registering for the web and app offers of our service partners. Instead of separate accounts, use the M-Login.

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Your data safe in one place

Your personal data is stored in one place, taking into account current security standards. With your consent, the services automatically only receive the information they need for use.

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Convenient functions

In addition to your personal data, you can also store means of payment and your driver's license in the M-Login. Sign-in quickly for the services, pay conveniently online and, for example, get a shared vehicle.

Over 1 million people use the M-Login. Will you be one of them?

The participating services: Here you can use M-Login

Digital Munich offers many web and app solutions to make your life easier. With your M-Login access data, you can register with the participating services with just one click.

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Become M‑Login partner and benefit

Does your company offer a digital product that should definitely be part of the M-Login? Then contact us and find out how you can benefit from the advantages of M-Login, such as high data security for your customers or increased visibility of your offer.

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Good to know

Current information on M-Login and the service partners

MVG IsarTiger and MVG ParkstadtTiger are currently not available

Unfortunately, due to the current situation, the services MVG IsarTiger and MVG ParkstadtTiger cannot operate.

We are here for you!

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Looking for answers?

In our help center we answer your questions about the M-Login and provide you with helpful information.

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